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Bryce / Zion Workshop Recap

It's been about a month since Peter, Addie and myself returned from our Bryce / Zion workshop and we are just about finished editing all the panoramas we shot. Bryce Canyon was a dream location for panoramic photography, at every angle there was a new shot to be taken. Zion was equally beautiful, but we had a few more tourists to shoot around.

While at Paria View in Bryce, I almost sacrificed myself for a great shot (not really, but it makes for a better story). I trekked out on a narrow slope, steep drops on both sides, gusts of wind threatening to push me off, and for those who know me those gusts must have been pretty strong; until I finally had to sit down to get the perfect shot. It was definitely an experience I will not soon forget. Luckily Peter was busy sharing his panoramic expertise to our workshop attendees or else I would have gotten quite the earful.

Addie's behind the scenes work definitely paid this trip. The hotels were great, especially in Zion; it felt as if we were in an apartment rather than your typical hotel room. To add to our experience, Addie's choice of evening restaurants was top notch.

If you want to take a look at some of the great shots from this trip, I should have them uploaded to our sister site within the next two weeks.

We are already gearing up for our next workshop, Olympic National Park, Washington. We have our hotel rooms booked at Olympic Lodge in Port Angeles and Quileute Oceanside Resort in La Push. The Oceanside Cabins sell out fast and we wanted to make sure we got a great view!

Courtenay Gilbert

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