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The Tale of the Philadelphia Union Shoot

This story is in celebration of the World Cup soccer Mecca,

Although it takes place quite a long way from South America.

Away from Florida we traveled,

To the Philadelphia Union Stadium that dazzled.

A 360 panorama was our mission,

To shoot in the middle of soccer action.

Time was short, ninety seconds in fact,

We knew soon we’d have to act.

The Star-Spangled Banner rang in our ears,

For a short while the stadium silenced from cheers.

Quickly we set up the Hasselblad and Roundshot,

With the clock we fiercely fought.

The camera slowly turned,

Our stomachs were upturned.

As we heard the second “home of the brave,”

Our situation turned less grave.

The Roundshot proved be a hero,

Equipment was packed before the end of the show!

With our our one-take chance up and away,

The only thing to do was watch them play.

As twilight settled on the crowd,

Another photo was allowed.

The shot of sky with a gentle hue of pink and purple,

As the light began to dwindle.

A great night was had by all,

As the crowd watched who had the ball.

In the training facility it can be found,

Our pano saved by the shot of round.

The behemoth print at 20 by 100 feet,

To be admired by every athlete.

We fondly remember the night of timed skill,

And how it caused quite a thrill.

Poem by Cameron Maglio

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