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Who Buys a Hasselblad?

When photographers think of Hasselblad cameras they often think: "Who actually buys these cameras?" and "Why are they so expensive?" or “Can't I buy a decent camera for just a few hundred bucks?” The simple answer is that you get what you pay for, but to help paint the picture, here’s a helpful little analogy. For a pasta dinner, you can go to the grocery store and pick up a box of pasta and a jar of sauce, adequate, mildly satisfying, but nothing memorable. Now take that same pasta dinner prepared by a master chef with the best ingredients at their peak of freshness, put together in an ideal environment with skill and excellence, then you have a meal to remember for a lifetime. Yes, the dinner, like the Hasselblad camera, costs more, but for the amazing ingredients it’s made of and the quality, it is worth every penny!

Do only professional photographers use Hasselblad equipment? No, like the chef, photographers know that if you use the best ingredients, you will get the best results. You don't need to be a master chef to understand this logic, even a home cooked meal tastes better using better ingredients. In the case of photography, the ingredients are the camera parts, sensors, lenses, internal processors, color gamut, algorithms and general quality of construction, materials and Hasselblad technical know how. The meal is the superior image that can only be gotten with the sum of the Hasselblad’s superior parts!

So who buys Hasselblad cameras? Photographers who won't settle for "good enough". People who understand and can see the difference between an ok image and an amazing image. Shooters who know if they are going to buy a camera, invest their time taking photos, it must be the best or else it’s a waste of their time!

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